Sitges 2022, day 1: Toward certain resurrection

55th edition sitge festivalThe main motif of ‘Tron’, which was opened on Thursday and will continue until Sunday, the 16th, is ‘Tron’, which is only one of a thousand classics premiered in the summer of 1982; Before doing ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’, ‘Poltergeist (Strange Events)’, ‘Extraterrestrial ET’, ‘Knife runner’ or ‘The Thing’. A surprise as always, Quentin Tarantino In his podcast with Roger Avary, he described those days as “the best sci-fi writing ever.”

with him rich programming, avalanche of prominent guests, and conceptual spirit of possibility, this Sitges will greatly contribute to an unrivaled fantasy fall. While the industry is going through a tough time, genre cinema seems more or less unaware of turbulence: two horror movies have hit number one in the United States in the last three weeks, ‘The Barbarian’ and ‘The Smile’ are young writers with original ideas. Many are praying that ‘The Barbarian’ will be a surprise movie in the final episode. ‘Smile’ somehow became a part of the festival: it was previewed at the Phenomena as an appetizer for the big feast.

57,241 tickets sold

The big crowds had not yet arrived in Sitges on Thursday morning, but the atmosphere was much more lively than the early bars of the 2020 festival yet no one knew how to greet or if it was basically a good idea to be there.and even more so than the exciting start of 2021. If platforms have truly taken over the big screen craving, it doesn’t look like it will reflect here at all. According to the data provided by the organization, 57,241 tickets were sold on Thursday, which is almost ten thousand more than the first day of the 2019 edition, which is the pre-pandemic edition. This year the festival collects a collection €605,029,70.

Few viewers set aside lunch time on Thursday to enjoy the psychological (and physical as well) ‘tension’, a much less clear ‘prime time’ ‘Resurrection’ (Official Fantàstic Competition)with which rebecca hall ‘The Curse of Rookford’ continues to solidify her status as the lady of great shame after ‘The Gift’, ‘Christine’ or ‘The Dark House’. This time around, she stars as Margaret, a single mother and biotech executive whose illusion of control is shattered by the return of David (Tim Roth, sneaky as only he knows), an incredibly toxic figure from his distant, far-distant past.

“Is he real?”

Manager Andrew Weeks, better known as the producer, proposes and manages to develop the craziest plot with all possible psychological realism. Giving up uncertainty without that meaning. This historian wrote three simple words in capital letters during the show: “WHAT’S TRUTH?”. Semans never answers this question that will help keep ‘Resurrection’ forever enigmatic and the controversy surrounding it will never be completely over.

It was just a (almost) solid start to a day at the Meliá Sitges Auditorium, which will also include a preview of the first two episodes of the series. ‘Midnight Club’A new series for Netflix by the great Mike Flanagan (‘Curse of the Hill’) or an opening premiere late in the afternoon with Jaume Balagueró’s ‘Venus’ as the main attraction.

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