Bardem justifies Spanish cinema on National Day: “This year has been an incredible harvest”

Javier Bardem presented this thursday Madrid his new movie ‘Lilo, my friend the crocodile’He took his first step into the family cinema and justified the Spanish industry, which celebrated the first edition of the film. Spanish Cinema Daycompared to the American.

Spanish cinema is of very high quality. It’s been an incredible harvest this year.. Every industry has good and bad movies, but it should be noted that the Spanish industry provides a lot of business and brings in a lot of money. It’s an industry that needs to be supported,” the actor told Europa Press after being asked about the differences between Hollywood and Spain.

Bardem admitted that he made his new movie, which will be released on October 21, because his children wanted to see him at work and he was excited that his mother, Pilar Bardem, who passed away in 2021, is also participating in family movies.

“I chose the project in line with the wishes of my children and my mother. Also, I found the material fun, inspiring and terrifying for making a musical.“, he stated.

In this sense, He added that he was “afraid” to do something like a musical, but “had to.” and admitted that it took time to embody Héctor Valenti. “He’s a person who wants to reach others through art, music, dance and magic. I liked that side of him. It was fun,” he said.

For now, Bardem refused to direct a movie because he thought he didn’t know how to do it., because “starting a project is very difficult” and afraid of losing her creative side. “I don’t think so or yes, but putting together a movie scares me a little bit. There are so many people working and so many decisions to be made. I think it takes away the energy put into it. From the creative side, so I don’t think it can handle two things at the same time.” he stressed.

Likewise, the actor chose not to name any Spanish actor as his possible successor in Hollywood. “I don’t know how to say his name, there are so many names but I’m embarrassed to say names because when you name someone you leave out a lot of them and it’s not fair,” he admitted.


However, she praised Ana de Armas’s work in Hollywood and especially Marilyn Monroe, who has been criticized for misogyny recently, in her latest film ‘Blonde’.

“She’s doing an excellent job, and you have to consider the pressure of playing Marilyn Monroe, being a non-American actress with the experience she has. It makes more than one person’s legs shake,” she said. argued she.

He also added that Ana de Armas performs his work with “accuracy, a sense of reality and beautiful creativity”, for which he condemns “it’s nice to see how he does it”. “Ana de Armas’s work is amazing and I love her work,” she said.

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