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Dulceida excited to see the second part of the documentary series


Little is missing for Amazon Prime Video to release the series of docs that over 3 million Aida Domenech (Dulceida) followers are looking forward to seeing. A few months ago, the social media phenomenon posted on Instagram: Dulceida al nude was due to hit theaters this fall, and since then, comments and questions about what Catalan will show on the small screen have been more than adequate. But we haven’t seen him cry for this project until now. It’s the most personal thing he’s ever done.

However, a few hours ago, the Catalan influencer posted a photo of her on Instagram. He visibly moved to finish by seeing the outcome of the second part of the documentaries. Being aware of the fact that this reaction aroused curiosity in his followers, he opened a question box so that anyone could ask about the content of the project.

To everyone’s surprise, before a question from one of his followers: “What was the most difficult moment of filming the documentary about your life?”, Of course, Dulceida says that recording therapy sessions with her psychologist was the most difficult moment, and I continue: “These are very difficult moments, and although I have confidence in the team (fewer people came to record sessions), it was the most complex, especially the one you’ll see” and ditch: “I wanted everything to be seen and 100% real, and it did.”

we still don’t know The reason that made Dulceida cry Introducing the documentary series, which Prime Video Spain posted on Instagram, in the viewing of the second installment of the series, but already seeing the light.

Aida Domenech will be the big hero of ‘Dulceida al nude’. But she won’t be alone. The documentary series will feature testimonies of his parents, Salvador Domenech and Anna Pascual, and his brother Alex, who lives in the networks. In addition, there will be documentaries Other well-known faces from the network world such as Laura Escanes, Madame de Rosa and Luc Loren. We will definitely not see Alba Paul, Dulceida’s ex-partner and whom she broke up with in the summer of 2021 after 7 years of being together.

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