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Elizabeth Olsen Responds to ‘House of the Dragon’ Rumors – Fans Dream of Seeing Her with Henry Cavill


In early September, news circulated that Elizabeth Olsen and Henry Cavill could star in the second season of House of the Dragon. The news became so popular that the journalists decided to ask the actress directly about participation.

Elizabeth Olsen denied the rumors in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She loves Game of Thrones (and even auditioned for the part of Daenerys), and the new story seems intriguing to her — but she hasn’t been contacted about filming in the spin-off.

I don’t even know where these rumors come from. I heard there was some sort of “announcement” of an account with a blue check mark, and it’s weird.

— Elizabeth Olsen

Kit Harington previously spoke about the Game of Thrones prequel. Fans know him for his role as Jon Snow.

So far, six of the ten episodes of House of the Dragon have aired. The final will be screened on October 23. 🔞 Before Evening: Another Erotic Game Has Become One of the Most Profitable on Steam

Source: VG Times



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