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Layla, Genshin Impact’s new female character, shown from all sides and looked under the dress


Cognosphere studio recently revealed which characters will be playable in update 3.2 for Genshin impact. The patch will be released in five weeks, on November 2.

In the next patch, players will be able to take control of two heroines from the Sumeru region: the long-awaited Dendro Archon Nahida, also known as the Little Master of Kusanali, and the High Elf Layla. The first has already appeared in the plot of the game, and the second was first shown by the authors. Upon the announcement, the developers published art featuring Layla, and the CBT participants leaked renders featuring the new heroine to the network so you can see what she’ll look like in the game itself.

A video has also appeared, showing the heroine from all sides.

Layla becomes a 4-star cryo character with a one-handed sword.

Today, September 28, the game received a major update 3.1, which continued the main story, added a large “desert” location, three playable characters (Saino, Kandakia and Neela), a boss and quests.

Earlier, we remember, a fan united Mona and Lisa into one heroine. And the network also showed an adult version of Kusanali, Dendro Archon from Sumeru.⌚️ Kojima has a double collaboration right away – with NASA and Anicorn

Source: VG Times



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