‘He’s Got Talent’: Will Edurne have to leave the show?

Moments of uncertainty in ‘Talent Var’. The struggle for television viewers is brutal and even more fierce in prime time. There is much at stake. And Tuesday night has become a battleground where Antena 3 toasts for now.

Last Tuesday, September 20, ‘El Hormiguero’ by Pablo Motos took the singer Becky G and 17.7% viewership share and 2,307,000 viewers were recorded. Then the chain with the orange logo released the Turkish soap opera ‘Hermanos’, the last reveal of the season. The results weren’t bad at all: 15.6% shares (screen share) and 1,464,000 viewers.

for your share telecinco he suffered against his opponent at that time. The Fuencarral chain planned another edition of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, the chain’s final reality show, in which a group of celebrities have to live together on a farm for that night. And have a hard time, that’s what they’re for. Thus, the driver program Lara Alvarez It had a modest 10.1% and 1,318.000 viewers. Nothing to do against Pablo Moros.

Edurne in ‘Have Talent’ media set

Then another print ‘Talented’. The talent show welcomed this new issue in hopes of hitting last year’s numbers and signed a new member to its jury for it: Paula Echevarria. But the model and influencer failed to overwhelm the grid, and this Saturday the show reached 15.2% and 1,2202,000 viewers. Despite everything, it cannot be said that there is no good data for the program. Edurne, Risto Mejide and Dani Martinez, because this data marks an eight-tenth increase from the previous Tuesday and marks its best record since its premiere.

Despite all the data, they are not what Telecinco expected, because they bet on the format to knock out Antena 3. The truth is, the ‘Brothers’ series continues to be challenging.

Will this be the end of the program? Will Telecinco decide to cancel the program? If this were the case, the jurors would have to look for other formats in which to collaborate. edunne, the most experienced jury of the competition. The singer has served as a jury in numerous formats of this genre, and we’re sure it won’t take much effort to find another show willing to collaborate with him.

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