‘Nightmare in Paradise’ fires up the latter, who was fired after turning nearly the entire farm against him

‘Nightmare in Heaven’ He fired others of his most controversial faces from its first edition. After that Deportation of Pipi Estrada, Mónica Hoyos wraps up her time on Telecinco reality show after losing her expulsion duel against Israel ArroyoHe managed to redeem himself for the second week in a row, in a week where almost the entire farm was against him.

Moments ago, Steisy, whom Hoyos had confronted over his strategy, avoided being the second person to be fired from ‘Nightmare in Paradise’. Former ‘MYHYV’ contestant Continuity in competition after the vast majority of teammates Support him in the vote before the final duel at El Consejo de El Paraíso.

Also, among other things, one of the highlights of this new ‘The Nightmare of El Paraíso’ premiere was the new sanction for the group this week after foreman Xavier Font took a shower with water to eat. As a sanction for this violation, the organization deprived the contestants of sugar or oil.

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