Isabel Coixet portrays sexual abuser’s methods in ‘El sostre groc’

Understanding that you have been abused is not as easy as it seems. The lines are often very blurry and the colors of consent cover many hues. Marta, Violeta, Sonia and Miriam took a long time to be truly aware of what had happened to them when they were young and e.Lleida Muncial Theater Hall. Their teacher, Antonio Gómez, who is the director of the centre, harassed them when they were between the ages of 14 and 16.. Sibylline somehow did it, approaching and befriending them, giving them privileges on a case-by-case basis, making them feel special so that they could finally enjoy their innocence and perform all manner of criminal sexual acts of the most diverse nature. It’s been known to them and over 50 girls for over twenty years.. Nobody said anything, the law of silence was enforced, many people knew about it, and the abuse was allowed to continue because he was respected and respected in society and institutions.

Isabel Coixet learned of the incident from the press and soon contacted the girls to make a documentary. This meant going one step further for them and the exhibition scared them. But they were clear from the very beginning, especially because the director asked for it. avoid all kinds of diseases. “There are many ways to speak the truth, to approach it, but Isabel made us feel comfortable from the very beginning,” Miriam says. “Especially because the focus is always on the victim, not the abuser, and here it was the other way around, let guilt and shame fall upon himnot us.”

a real monster

‘El sostre groc’ isn’t a horror movie, but it creates more horror than any movie in the genre. There is a real monsterimplemented with complete impunity because they felt untouchable and their tactics were deviant. The director continues, “I decided I didn’t want to go into details because everything was really abnormal and it would have been a sensational look that terrified me”. “I was more interested in restructuring, how they channel trauma, how they move on with their lives, how they dare to speak up, to report, to realize what happened to them.”

He began working with the nine women who signed the first complaint, but some could not stand the pressure and stopped filming. “When I met them, they impressed me a lot. I thought they had desire to tell and it has been a very nice way that we are getting closer and closer.”

Coixet contacted Vanessa Springora, author of ‘The Reza’, with the idea of ​​filming her, but realized that an outside figure had made no contribution. He also thought about doing some dramatization, but that idea was abandoned, she. The heroes should be just them and their testimonies. The director’s documentary crew had a hard time finding material because The Aula de Teatre deleted all the complainants’ passes from their files., as if they had never been there. But there Recorded videos showing how Antonio acts as a kind of sect leader He manipulates his students as he pleases.

Isabel Coixet is the producer and co-star of ‘El sostre groc’. EFE

Fear of reporting

After witnessing all this darkness, she reveals how. heroes shine a light with their sincerity and courage. Unity is strength and they are very aware of that. They have only progressed through mutual accompaniment. “I’ve always taken the concept of brotherhood with tweezers, but in this case, I lived, felt through them,” continues Isabel Coixet.

Marta, Violeta, Sonia and Miriam hope that their experience and this documentary will serve to continue on the path to raising awareness in the community, to make it easier. detecting abuse in new generations and they don’t have afraid to reportAlthough it is such a difficult step, unfortunately, women continue to be questioned in the patriarchal society we live in.

Anthony Gomez One from the Lleida Municipal Theater compensation of approximately 60,000 eurosHe could not be tried for his crimes and went to Brazil.

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