Princess Beatrice becomes state legislator and could replace Charles III

Princess Beatrice became a state legislator after succession rises, and King George III at official events. He will be able to replace Charles. This has been reported daily mail.

Queen After Elizabeth’s death, the new King III. The composition of the five senior royals who would serve as advisers to Charles changed. Princess Beatrice, Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, is currently ninth in line to the throne and can take over Charles’ duties should she be sick or abroad.

According to the law, the king can be replaced by his wife and the next four persons who have turned 21 in order of succession. Based on this, 34-year-old Princess Beatrice could assume royal duties despite being fourth on the throne and ninth on the overall list. These responsibilities may also be assumed by Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William, the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of York.

Previously reportedPrince William and Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II. They became billionaires after Elizabeth’s death.

Source: Gazeta


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