First look failure of a date from ‘First Dates’: ‘I wanted to die’

The ‘First Dates’ restaurant is a place where a date can be predetermined from the start to fail. Mariví, a 48-year-old pensioner from Castellón, came to the building confident that he believed he was single because of his genius: “I got a lot and I scare men. I want a relationship with a friend, a lover… I want it all. I want my date to be passionate and loving.”

Shortly after the dating failure was revealed, it began to take shape when 47-year-old forklift driver Frantxu from Alicante shouted ‘fight, fight, fight’ while holding a mask and a wrestling belt. “Damn… don’t make fun of me…‘, Mariví assured, looking at him not knowing where to put Matías Roure.

“I wanted to die. I thought, ‘Earth, swallow me’, I’m leaving here but anyway… he was so strong with that belt… he almost gave me something”He recognized the Castellón woman alone in front of the ‘First Dates’ cameras.

“It’s a team championship belt and since I’m single, I’m looking for a partner to fight for my life.”‘ Frantxu explained as soon as she entered the restaurant in this stunning outfit.. “I also didn’t like it physically when the mask was removed,” Mariví said in a new total. Said.

After sitting at the table reserved for ‘First Dates’, the truth is that the meeting never improved. In fact, Frantxu revealed to Mariví that he is a huge fan of Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’, a fact that seals Mariví’s date: “I let him talk because I would have gotten up and left.”.

In the last minutes, their different personalities were transcendent in the ‘final decision’ of the appointment. Frantxu wanted to go on a second date with Marivi, but instead chose to leave the ‘First Dates’ restaurant alone, after seeing and listening to her throughout the night: “The introduction impressed me enough”.

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