Ten movies and TV shows about Vikings to watch on platforms

Director with the famous ‘El hombre del norte’ Robert Eggers This has definitely been marked as the most faithful audiovisual work ever created to Viking reality without giving up on legend. A long tradition of adventure, war, epic or historical tales with Vikings at the center is the final, pretty sure link: from a crazy B-series like Roger Corman’s ‘Viking Women and the Sea Snake’ to comedy. Enter the fantasy world with Terry Jones ‘Eric the Viking’, ‘Alfred the Great’, ‘Beowulf’ or ‘Outlander’, of course, the legendary animated series ‘Vicky the Viking’ or ‘Vikings’ and its latest ‘spin-off’. We’ve selected the ten most diverse movies and TV shows about Vikings.

‘Vikings’ (1958)

The first major Hollywood movie about Viking mythology. Produced by its own leading star, Kirk DouglasMade in a large Cinemascope. Richard Fleischerhas unforgettable moments, such as the movement of warriors running atop the ship’s oars, or the testing of ax blows, and the braids of long-suffering Viking women. Rivalries in War and Love: King Ragnar’s two sons, Einar and Eric (Douglas and Tony Curtis), compete for Princess Morgana (Curtis’ real wife, Janet Leigh). Barbaric and fierce, despite the sensible measure of time. Appropriate film.

‘Wrath of the Vikings’ (1961)

The two protagonists of this characteristic Franco-Italian co-production of the time, American Cameron Mitchell Managed and photographed by mario bava, Italian horror master of the 1960s (“The Devil’s Mask”, “Terror in Space”). One of the siblings is adopted by the British Queen at a very young age. Twenty years later, when the English coast is devastated by the Vikings, he confronts his brother, the leader of the warriors, without knowing who he really is. The tragedy of fratricide has always been quite present in the Viking epics that have been made into movies. Available in the movie.

‘Invaders’ (1964)

Not all movies about the Viking world are atavistic. Sometimes they gravitate towards the adventure genre, as in ‘The Invaders’, the story of a helmetless Viking warrior with a beard, long hair and horns.Richard Widmark) seeking a legendary golden bell alongside an Arab ruler he brought to life Sydney Poitier. Filmed entirely in Yugoslavia, the film is based on a Swedish novel and was shot in Technirama, one of the unreal formats that proliferated in those years to compete with television. Jack Cardiffa true expert: he is the cinematographer of ‘The Vikings’. The movie, Google Play and AppleTV.

‘Warrior No. 13’ (1999)

Antonio Banderas is an Arab nobleman who is sent to a far country after falling in love with the wrong woman. How does this character and his situation relate to the Viking universe? The exiled Ahmed fights alongside some Vikings, who face a horde more ferocious than them. They eat the corpses of their victims. This, ‘The Corpse Eaters’, is the title of the novel. Michael Crichton what the movie is based on. Crichton was also a producer and filmed. John McTiernan He was not satisfied, he shot some scenes again. Despite that, the result is adventurous and in equal parts, excellent. Appropriate Disney+.

‘Viking’ (2016)

While nearly all of the film productions in Vikings are of Anglo-Saxon origin, this epic adventure on ice is of Russian nationality and offers different readings of the classic agenda. Its protagonist is a young prince, the son of the ruler of Kievan Rus, a federation of East Slavic tribes from the 9th to the 13th centuries. As tragic law dictates, young Vladimir flees from his treacherous brother, who has seized power in the Viking realm. Shortly after, he manages to gather an army of the Varangians, the name given to the Vikings at the time, and is ready to take back what is theirs. Appropriate Prime Video, Movistar Plus+ and Film.

‘Valhalla Rising’ (2019)

Despite filming three films in the ‘Pugger’ series, Nicolas Winding Refn he was not yet a well-known director; ‘Drive’ and ‘Neon demon’ would come later. Although he was already a rival of James Bond from ‘Casino Royale’, Mads Mikkelsen was not that popular either. The combination of the actor’s hierarchical muscle and the director’s visual vertigo has resulted in this brutal, cruel, savage, vandal, ancestral film and all the synonyms that come to mind. Mikkelsen, a one-eyed warrior of immense strength, kills his master and embarks on a Viking ship to embark on an adventure filled with blood and fire. The movie is live on Rakuten TV.

‘Vicky Viking’ (1974-1975)

A most transnational animated series: It had Austrian, German and Japanese funding based on a novel by the Swedish Runer Jonsson. It arrived here in 1975, a year after it premiered, and quickly settled into children’s hearts thanks to its unbiased mix of adventure, comedy, and history. In Spain, the voice of the emaciated but genius Vicky, the son of Chief Halvar, was given by Mari Pe Castro, who is also the voice actor in Willy’s movie ‘Maya the Bee’. As is often said, Eiichiro Oda created the popular manga ‘One Piece’, inspired by his memories of ‘Vicky the Viking’. Available on ATRESplayer and Film.

‘The Last Kingdom’ (2015-2022)

It became https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxPApTGW

9th century. All English kingdoms fell into the hands of the Vikings. Everything? No! An Anglo-Saxon kingdom resists the invader as usual. We are talking about Wessex, a region ruled by Alfred the Great since 871 (David Dawson) is even known as the king of the Anglo-Saxons because of the extent of his military victories and conquests. Based on the saga of the ‘Saxons, Vikings and Normans’ novels, Bernard CornwellThis production for the BBC (later moved to Netflix) still does Uhtred the Bold (Alexander Dreymon), would eventually become Earl of Northumbria. There are dozens of battles and they are all at the highest level. Appropriate Netflix.

‘Scandinavians’ (2016-2020)

If Eggers’ Viking vision seeks truth and sublime, this Norwegian series (in English) dissociates itself completely from any seriousness to take advantage of the parodic benefits of Viking culture. Closer to ‘The Office’ and ‘Veep’ than the ‘Vikings’ massacre, it follows daily life in Norheim, Norway around the year 790: missions to pillage villages, deadly intrigues with mystics, rather gaps in progress… All this is watered down with great absurd humor. Unlike Eggers, his writers incorporate some very modern perspectives on this past, often to comic effect. Available on Netflix.

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ (2022-)

For some the original (‘Vikings’ of course) will always be insurmountable, but there are worse ways to prolong a phenomenon than to creatively sign the screenwriter of ‘Jungla de cristal’ and ‘El fugitivo’. Jeb Stuart He doesn’t disappoint, and he knows how to deliver dramatic action that we care about what happens to the characters. First of all, explorer Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett) and his sister Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavson) come to Kattegat Strait not to join the Viking army, which must avenge the St. Bricio’s Day Massacre, but for even more personal revenge. Available on Netflix.

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