Rapture from BioShock has been recreated in Fortnite. It turned out to be very high quality and reliable

The author of the FluxCapacimoose YouTube channel posted a video with a video he recreated in the editor Fortnite City Rapture by Bioshock. The work turned out to be of good quality.

So it’s been over a year since I made my first Rapture map in Fortnite Creative. While I’m happy and proud of it, Creative has made a lot of improvements since then. So I decided to pay tribute to one of my all-time favorite games – Bioshock – and create a new modern map that hopefully captures the look and feel of Rapture.

youtuber said:

Gamers can see the work in person. Here is the code for the card in creative mode − 3885-0261-7529.

Recall that earlier another enthusiast showed BioShock with an isometric camera, which made the game look even more atmospheric.❌ They want to block Twitch in Russia – and do that before the start of the school year

Source: VG Times


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