Sharon Stone was criticized for a jacket worth 195 thousand rubles

American actress Sharon Stone was criticized for a jacket worth 195 thousand rubles, negative reviews appeared under an article about the star. daily mail.

54-year-old Sharon Stone entered the lens of the paparazzi. Photographers shot the actress on the streets of Beverly Hills in a white T-shirt, ripped capri jeans and an oversized Dolce & Gabbana floral jacket that cost her £2,600 (195,000 rubles).

Journalists of the Daily Mail wrote that in this image the actress looks younger than her age. Readers have a different opinion. “Terrible jacket, doubled up visually”, “The jacket is too big for him”, “Wow, this floral jacket is 2600 pounds. This is madness! Who can afford that?”, “Younger? Wait, at first I thought it was Christopher Walken, ”the users of the site wrote in the comments.

Formerly said Queen Letizia was criticized for wearing a Zara dress that was too short.

Source: Gazeta


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