The man changed Quake so much that it turned out to be a completely new game, similar to Dark Souls and Castlevania

Mud Jozsef Pajor develops an unusual modification for Quake, who should make this game an action game in the spirit of dark souls, Elden Ring and castlevania.

“It will be a Castlevania-style adventure game with Lovecraftian elements. The gameplay will not be completely linear. I want some forks. Certain items are required for pumping. Some can be obtained through simple research. For the levels I want some small towns, castles and dungeons”said the mud.

Jozsef Pajor has already posted several gameplay videos.

Now the project is at an early stage, but the author has already implemented a third-person camera, hand-to-hand combat with timings, dodges and a stamina system in it.

When the mod is ready, Jozsef Pajor will upload it to the Mod DB site.

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Source: VG Times


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