Gloria Camila reveals her reasons for signing for ‘Nightmare in Heaven’

List of confirmed contestants ‘Nightmare in Heaven’ keep growing. for signing days Pipi Estrada, Omar Sanchez and Monica Hoyosdeveloped exclusively by YOTELEAdded this Sunday by Gloria Camila Ortega’s photo.. This will be the second time in a Telecinco reality show since it passed. survivors When he joined with his then partner in 2017 Kiko Jimenez.

After the ‘Summer is here’ entry was officially entered into the competition, Gloria Camila admitted that she ‘wanted’ the experience and explained why she decided to take this step. “I grew up on the countryside. Will I have this experience for two months without hurting anyone? All right, go ahead”Collaborative commented.

On the other hand, she also admitted that she wanted to escape from all the media turmoil due to the crisis in the marriage between her father and Ana María Aldón. Gloria Camila, who also shared her biggest concern about the truth, said, “I think it will work. Everything has an effect, I won’t lie.” “I’m not leaving completely calm. I want to be here, to be by my father’s side and to support him in everything.”

But most of all, Gloria Camila is excited to have this experience alone, unlike what happened on ‘Survivors’ five years ago: “I’m going alone now and I’m 26, there I was 21 and a younger girl. I really want to do everything alone.”

Source: Informacion


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