Patricia Pardo hallucinates in ‘Ana Rosa’ with a woman who sings out the noise of her neighborhood nightclubs

Last Thursday, August 4′summer program telecinco went to Móstoles to give a voice to neighbors who complained about the noise of discos and all the scum left over after the parties. That’s why the program was linked live with the region’s neighbor Amaia.

However, this neighbor has a peculiar way of protesting: “You will sing three songs three times a day as a protest”He pointed out that the reporter was sent to the region.

“Yes, we have already taken this desperate measure to enable this problem we have. I sing protest songs with adapted lyrics and a loudspeakerthe fruit of despair. How far will this go? “There are neighbors who fight a lot here, but the problem continues, a lot of people are selling their houses,” he said.

After his defense and to everyone’s surprise, Amaia started with David Guetta and Sia’s special ‘Titanium’ version. “You have an amazing voice. Are you committed to it?” she asked.

“I’ve never taken advantage of him professionally, but I saw myself in this situation and decided to take advantage of this resource. It drives me crazy because it’s my personal political vengeance, far-right,” Amaia condemned.

Source: Informacion


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