Streamer Dr. Disrespect introduced his new game, but not everyone got access

Today, Founders Access Pass NFT players have access to the first working build of Midnight Society’s Deaddrop shooter. So far, the game has only one weapon type and one location: a shooting range. About the reported initiate Tom Henderson.

Players can evaluate the environment, shooting mechanics, character movements, and so on. But there is not enough content in the build. The players who have been given access to the project so far compare it to an indie shooter and not something more serious.

Note that the game is being developed by the studio of famed streamer Dr. Disrespect. It was previously said that the game would be an attempt to bring the level design of arena shooters to the massive Battle Royale map. It is still difficult to say how this will be implemented.

It has not yet been announced when the game will be released or at least in early access for everyone.🌳 The developer shared Terraria’s gameplay in 3D

Source: VG Times


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