The blogger got an ombre manicure, and reviewers suggest her fingers were bitten

Blogger Andrea Woods made a manicure with an ombre effect in the salon, which was the subject of ridicule on social networks. Reviews suggested that the fingers looked like they had been bitten, and blood was oozing from their fingers. Sun.

Woods posted a video in which she showed an unexpected result after visiting a beauty salon. Inspired by the pictures on Pinterest, the blogger decided to do a manicure with an ombre effect – a transition from a light beige shade to a rich red. However, the master was careless to the process and came to the wrong conclusion.

In the comments to the video, the girl was mocked for a scary manicure: “Did someone bite your fingers? They look like they’re bleeding”, “Did you dip your hands in a bag of spicy chips and not wash them for a week?” “This is definitely the nail technicians fault.”

Andrea Woods, in response to the reaction of the subscribers, noted that she does not want to experiment anymore and will only do monochrome manicures from now on.

Former doctor Krasyuk warned about the risk of developing cancer due to nail polish.

Source: Gazeta


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