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The curiosity of one of the guests of ‘First Dates’: “Sleep, eat, make love, what order would you put it in?”


On a first date, it’s always important to be able to discover some confidential information about the person. Inside First DatesThere are many different situations and conversations for diners to introduce themselves. This happened in the last episode, when one of the participants kicked off the launch. few questions that left him speechless Date.

Isabel went to the program to find someone to fall in love with and feel something else. Jordi was also looking for a girl in his profile and from the very first moment they liked each other to the point where they dedicate their dinner to getting to know each other very well and sharing curious facts and perspectives.

In the middle of dinner, the diner wanted to ask her a somewhat unexpected question that caught her off guard: “Sleep, eat, sex, what order do you put them in?” yell. He didn’t hesitate to consider his answer. He stated that sleeping is very important to him, eating and sex will be on the same level, but always below a good snooze.

They probably didn’t even have a problem talking about sex, because of the overwhelming feeling of falling in love they admitted to the audience they had during a date, which made them. both want to repeat the meeting together when asked after the evening.

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