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Cleaning staff explain how to clean suede furniture


Cleaners have come up with some quick and effective ways to clean suede furniture. This has been reported To express.

Go Cleaners London experts explained how to clean suede furniture. “Suede is very sensitive to moisture and liquid can damage it,” experts warn. According to them, you can get rid of dust, hair, pet hair manually, using a lint brush or a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle. Dry cleaning is recommended once a week.

To deal with more serious contamination, cleaning service personnel recommend the use of cleaning products. Spilled stains can be removed with white vinegar if used immediately. Talc powder will help to cope with greasy stains. It should be sprinkled on a dirty surface and left for an hour, after which its residues should be brushed off with a sponge.

Formerly Australian came with Whiten laundry with denture tablets.

Source: Gazeta



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