Russians were advised to fight slugs in the garden with beer.

You can make beer traps to get rid of garden pests like slugs. The broadcast told Hand Decoration.

“Dig low pots into the ground and pour beer into them – at night slugs will crawl into their “favorite” drink, not even suspecting how devastating it really is for them, and in the morning you can remove a few numb and dead mollusks, ” the publication suggested.

Another way to get rid of the pests at once is to find a large piece of wood, plywood or linoleum, grease one side with curdled milk and lay it on top of small bricks such as coasters. The lubricated part should be at the bottom. During the night the snails will crawl to a pleasant smell, and in the morning you can easily “cover” them. You can place several traps at once or change their location every night.

It is also noted that slugs will be afraid of changes in the composition of the soil. It is necessary to sprinkle the paths and soil near the plantings with slaked lime, wood ash or dry mustard, which will change its acidity.

an expert before announcedwhen it is no longer possible to collect rhubarb.

Source: Gazeta


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