FIFA 23 has not yet been released, but bugs have already been found. Players make fun of EA for broken animations in the trailer

On July 27, EA released a big overview trailer FIFA 23, where she talked about the main features of the new footsim. As Reddit users pointed out, not only stories of improved dribbling were included in the video, but also at least one funny bug.

If you scroll the video to 3:06, you can see the player in the background, who is in a T pose with animations turned off. What’s even funnier is that they’re actually two footballer models (check out the unique yellow and white uniforms) that have been merged into one for some reason.

Obviously, gamers were not on the sidelines and ridiculed the company. “Simply amazing, the level of quality that EA delivers never disappoints,” wrote one redditor going by the nickname lloydholland100.

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30. Earlier it was announced that there would be no Russian clubs in the game.

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Source: VG Times


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