A face of Telemadrid’s new signature ‘Sewing Masters’: This will be his show after the end of the talent

this final cancellation A new television stage opens for ‘Sewing masters’ on RTVE Lorenzo Caprile. The designer and former clothing talent jury signed on for the presentation of Telemadrid.stand up and countA new program that will be part of the programming of the new season.

Caprile in this new format of 10 deliveries It will stand in different corners of the community and demonstrate the core value of clothing at different times in our history. The famous tailor is very excited about the new project: “We will tour Madrid from a very unique perspective on clothing and fashion history, which is my passion. We will tell very interesting anecdotes that most people do not know, such as the origin of the Manila shawl, which is the symbol of Madrid.”

In each of the programs, Designer All the lesser-known stories of Madrid fashion deal with a subject connected with their outfits and curiosities. “These are stories from the hand of the great friend of designer Sonsoles Díez de Rivera, as interesting as the unknown Madrid workshop of master Balenciaga, – comments capril– or details of General Prim’s historical coat closely related to his tragic death”.

Under the guidance of her descendant, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, ‘upright and count0 You’ll explore the history of Empress Eugenia De Montijo and see how she influenced high society traditions at the time. capril With Jaime Peñafiel you’ll review the costumes for royal weddings or discover the origins of Infanta Cristina’s gorgeous veil.

We will also learn the history of the cape, the garment that triggered the Esquilache revolt, learn the handicrafts of Madrid embroidery, and visit Almacenes Madrid Paris, the first luxury stores to come to Istanbul. Madrid in the twenties.

In an entertaining way with its unique style and extensive knowledge, capril “There is no sewing without thread” and it manages to discover us with its very interesting guests, the unknown details of great personalities and the dresses they wore in Madrid.

After five seasons as the ‘Stitch Masters’ jury

News of Lorenzo Caprile’s new format comes after it was confirmed. ‘Sewing Masters’ would not be renewed on TVE’s La 1 After its fifth edition, which ended with the announcement of winner of Lluís Mengual, also a contender for its fourth edition.

The truth is that TVE and Shine Iberia’s design and manufacturing flair had eroded considerably throughout their fifth edition. Format While it had an average audience share of 13.7% in its first edition, it increased to 9.5% in its fifth and final season.excluding the average of 13.4% achieved in third place.

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