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Valladolid September 1989. David and Layla have just started their eighth year of EGB and really love Hombres G group. They also love each other very much, but since David has been given some very bad advice by his friends, he does everything he does to win her over. it always ends. fail. Despite everything, the two become inseparable and get into more and more trouble, and sometimes even when they’re together, the urge to sing and dance to their favorite band is so strong that they start doing it. Street. And that’s because they’re having a good time. Very good. A little over three decades later, David and Layla have not seen each other since the late ’80s, but they have never forgotten each other. Things couldn’t have gone better for Leyla, at least professionally: she’s a movie director and she’s won an Oscar. David’s life is more normal and he is neither famous nor rewarded. When Leyla returns to town for a tribute, the two spend a week together. In those days, they no longer sing and dance in the street, but realize that the children with whom they are one are not completely lost.

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