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In the Netherlands, a woman chased a robber out of a bakery with a towel.


A resident of Deventer, the Netherlands, managed to get a robber out of his son’s oven with the help of a kitchen towel and cleaning spray. These release reports Daily Morning.

The incident took place on Tuesday, July 27, at the Turkish bakery Mevlana Bakery. Latifa Peker was behind the safe when, at 07:00 in the morning, someone in a black hoodie approached her with a knife and wanted to open the safe. The 47-year-old responded by picking up a kitchen towel and a bottle of cleaning spray, and began tossing with all her might.

Another customer, who went into the bakery, helped him – he finally fired the robber.

“Someone came to the counter and I had a kitchen towel and a spray bottle in my hand. When I hit it with a towel, it attacked, but then the buyer came and the robber ran away. It was so unexpected. I didn’t even realize he had a knife. I didn’t think I could die,” the woman, still in shock, told Dutch reporters.

Yasir, son of Latifa Peker’s co-owner of the bakery, who was not there at the time, described the real hero as a random customer and not only kidnapped the thief, but also took care of Latifa Peker until her family members arrived.

“He is a real hero. He even wanted to pay for his order, but we did not accept the money and thanked him. Unfortunately, we do not know who he is. I hope we can find him,” the man told reporters.

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