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I don’t know if you’ve ever been called Stakhanovites. I. This is someone who doesn’t stop producing. The friend who adorned me with that word was talking about my habit of publishing daily columns here, there, and elsewhere for over thirty years. Alfonso Arús will kick off the season by adding one more of La Sexta’s five weekly schedules to cover the afternoons. Not only that. If it was Aruba for the production company, it would start at seven in the morning, not half an hour later as it is today.

The secret is to do what you love. Enjoy what you’re doing. There is no boss to send you. Because he is the biggest boss and his wife Angie Cárdenas runs the company. If we also add that their children have joined the team and their friends have been added, the result cannot be pleasing. Twenty years of success has had four, first on private Catalan television and then and now on private national television. There was only one hole. Antena 3 gave him the opportunity to go to prime time, but the invention only took two deliveries. Then there is no patience.

Saturday afternoons will be different. An example is what happened in La roca, which started its broadcasts on Sundays in September with a small audience share of 3% and completed the season by June. Of course, the Arús team is discovered by those who can’t follow on weekday mornings, and it can be done on that festive day with a full audience of live programming. Arús, 61, only thinks of working while having fun.

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