‘Huda’s betrayal’: spies without choice

‘Huda’s Betrayal’ ★★★

Address Hany Adu-Assad

interpreters Ali Suliman, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Samer Bisharat, Omar Abu Amer, Kamel El Basha

Year 2021

premiere 29 July 2022

The Arab-Israeli conflict was present in much of the filmography of the Palestinian Hany Abu-Assad. Yeah ‘Heaven Now’ through fanaticism and suicidal terror, he has plunged us into the ethical dilemmas of the intifada, continues to explore the chiaroscuro of this conflict on both sides of the West Bank wall in his latest film, ‘The Betrayal of Huda’ and He does this to talk about how they have always been the weakest link in a society that systematically exploits and oppresses women.

we can think ‘The Betrayal of Huda’ espionage movie, but in reality completely far from that genre because what she’s talking about is the fear of women in the world of men who abuse them.. The director divides the narrative into two intersecting parts: Huda’s interrogation by a Palestinian resistance chief for collaborating with the Mossad by recruiting girls to relay information, and the ardent anguish of Reeda, a young mother who is one of her relatives. final victims through them, the director wants to talk about the machismo of society, about the slavery of women both at home and abroad.they must always bear the stigma of adherence to what comes with an explosive political and religious situation. A film that works on its thesis, and above all, on exposing the constant sense of danger and siege that will suffocate Reeda’s existence.

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