Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck visit the Louvre on a private tour

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted on a private tour at the Louvre. This has been reported People.

The newlyweds with children walked with a two-hour tour of the Louvre, after having lunch in a cafe near the museum. Jennifer Lopez wore a Dior embroidered knit sweater and baggy blue jeans. She completed her look with pink platform sandals and a blue Hermes handbag. Ben Affleck wore a gray tee, navy jeans and white sneakers.

After visiting the Louvre, visiting the Samaritaine shopping center, the newlyweds took a walk on the Champs Elysees and ended the day with dinner at the George V Hotel.

Affleck and Lopez flew to Paris for their honeymoon after getting married in Las Vegas on July 16. For several days, the couple was spotted in different parts of Paris, and the newlyweds act “like two teenagers” – hugging, holding hands and kissing on benches, according to a People source.

Formerly saidThat Lopez “executed” the image while walking with Affleck in Paris for 450 thousand rubles.

Source: Gazeta


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