‘El Hormiguero’ Marron in hospital during his vacation

A somewhat bumpy vacation. Maybe that’s how ‘El Hormiguero’ collaborator Jorge Marron remembers these rest months. The program hosted Paul Motorcycles Some of the season’s broadcasts are now streaming on Antena 3, and while their collaborators are enjoying a vacation off, they’re taking a well-deserved vacation until September.

The collaborator sent a mysterious message with a photo via Instagram a little worrying. Inside you can see the collaborator’s hand with a hospital bracelet bearing his name. How could it be otherwise, Marron handled this situation in a humorous way: “Look how big the summer festival wristbands are these days.”

The screenwriter and the person in charge of the Science section of the program therefore wanted to take the iron out of the acknowledgment issue, for which he didn’t give much detail. “Don’t worry, I’m fine thanks to these people, I’ll tell you the only way I know about September’s little adventure: humor.”

Thanks to healthcare workers

Jorge Marron thanked the toilets that treated him at El Toyo and Torre Cárdenas hospitals in Almería. A thank you would like to do with some sentimental words: “You have a stratospheric human and professional quality (and all the healthcare professionals in this country in general. You are a real treasure, let’s see if we can all learn to take care of you properly)”.

Finally, he said some romantic words of love towards his partner, Presenter of informative Telecinco Arancha Morales. “Thank you my love for putting up with my mess.” We don’t know exactly what Marron meant, but what is clear is that his partner accompanied him these days when he was hospitalized.

Arancha Morales also wanted to thank the work of the toilets in a comment accompanying the news. “I share this gratitude for the care and kindness of the healthcare professionals who have joined us, from the first to the last. And to all Public Health workers. What would we be without you!” next to a heart and grateful hands expression.

What is clear is that we will have to wait for ‘El Hormiguero’ to return to the small screen to learn about this ‘little adventure’ that takes Marron to the hospital in Almería.

Source: Informacion


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