‘Idol Kids’, ‘ACI’ and ‘Crossing the Boundary’ compete for the audience today

‘ second editionidol boys‘Come back tonight telecinco (10:45 am). On this occasion, six of the twelve participants will join the 36 participants who have qualified for the semi-finals at the previous galas. A girl from La Palma who will make everyone emotional with her story during the eruption of the volcano; young phenomenon Nerea Real; and Pepe Reina’s daughter Grecia Reina will be one of them. The charismatic goalkeeper and football world champion in 2010 will surprise everyone on the show, take the stage to be greeted by Jesús Vázquez, and stay behind the scenes on set to warm the jury and the audience. From there the program to watch your daughter’s performance.

For its part, season two’ACI: High Intellectual Capacity‘ ends antenna 3 (10:45 am). In ‘Serendipity’, Roxane is in critical condition after her mysterious attack. For Morgane, this has to do with the death of Romain, a file the IGPN agent was working on before the tragedy. Once again, Morgane’s past catches up with her, and her admission to DIPJ must solve the founding mystery: What really happened to the love of her life almost 20 years ago?

Hugh Grant and Gene Hackman face ethics at laSexta

sixth Bet the release of the movie ‘when you cross the border‘ (10:30). A homeless man goes to the emergency room of a New York hospital. Dr. Guy Luthan (Hugh Grant) observes that he has strange symptoms that cannot be explained to him.

Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt are accomplices at La 1

one A new screening that TVE aired tonight’Murder… 1, 2, 3‘ (10:40 pm). The most popular in the class, Richard (Ryan Gosling) and shy Justin (Michael Pitt) – two teenagers, both from good families and with a cold and sinister mind, try to commit the perfect crime. To prove it, they kill a woman just to show that they are smart enough to get out of any situation. Detective Cassie Mayweather (Sandra Bullock, also executive producer) and her partner Sam (Ben Chaplin) will be responsible for investigating the case.

A new section called ‘FBI Most Wanted‘ occupies prime time four (10:45 am). They are always ready to answer any call, travel to any point in the United States and follow the trail of the most wanted criminals they will have to track down and stop. They are special agents of the FBI Fugitive Unit. Without resting, following any calls or clues that might lead to their whereabouts and paying attention to any signals that might identify them: This is how members of an elite federal unit whose goal is to find and capture the individuals on the list work. criminals are more dangerous and prompted the FBI to start developing in 1950. Whenever operating on the ground, the FBI Fugitive Unit operates as a mobile undercover team. Heading this highly talented unit is veteran agent Jess LaCroix, who creates profiles with his team, probes the fugitive’s surroundings, and conducts a thorough investigation where every minute counts.

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