‘Fanatic’, the new Netflix series that shattered the fame

Netflix ‘Fanatico’, which was released on Friday, July 29, Series created by Dani del Águila, Federico Maniá and Yago de Torres. The plot follows in the footsteps of Lázaro (Lorenzo Ferro), a young man who, after the death of a famous trap singer, gets the opportunity to imitate the artist. Through the story of the protagonist working as a boy serving food, the fiction reflects the dark side of fame and the pressure of social networks.

“Lázaro is someone who wants to be famous without knowing what fame is and without knowing the consequences,” Lorenzo Ferro, who also gives life to the Chimera, explains in an interview with Europa Press. “I feel like a lot of young people want to be famous these days, but there’s the ‘romanticisation’ of fame. Sometimes I see it as a burden or a privilege because it opens many doors for you but it’s almost like a job.“, he adds.

One thing that sums up fame very well is its song. Rosalia. He’s like a very attractive person who dresses very well, but you go up to him and he stabs you with a knife. You don’t need to romanticize it so much,” says the actress.

In this sense, the commentator aims to create a reflection among the youngest of the fiction. Ferro said, “It will generate questions. A kid who wants to be famous sees this, ends the show and says, ‘Do I want to be famous?’ better say,” says Ferro. “Often, fame is more chasing after an artistic concept than having an artistic concept,” laments Fernando Valdivielso, who plays Héctor.

“Tired of Networks”

After Quimera’s death, Lázaro is garnering ‘likes’ on social networks based on videos pretending to be artists, a reflection of the importance of others’ approval for users of these platforms. “Famous or not, there’s pressure to ‘like’ and look better than your colleague, that’s how”says Carlota Urdiales, who brought Mía to life.

“We’re all sick of networks,” says Valdivielso, according to actor and singer Dollar Selmouni, whose fiction Pump has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. “We have become cyber,” he says.

In addition to reflecting on the meaning of success, ‘Fanatic’ has all the aesthetic and musical components to attract the youngest.. “They will feel well represented in musical things or current things about how the person speaks,” Ferro emphasizes. “If I was 16 years old and came across something with this aesthetic with this music, I would go crazy. This is something very new,” Valdivielso emphasizes.

“Audiences will find very good music.a very easy to digest rhythm, lots of good character, freshness, a very good representation of the street and the dark side of the music industry,” concludes Ferro.

Roger Gual is directing the five-part ‘Fanático’. In addition to the aforementioned actors, Eva Almeida completes the main cast. Fiction comes to Netflix on July 29.

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