Telecinco’s plans with ‘Survivientes All Stars’ after Spain’s passage to the European Cup final

Spanish Football Team to Have a Critical Match with England next Sunday July 14thFaced with this situation, Telecinco made a radical decision: ‘Survivor All Stars’ debate postponedThis programming change is due to the great anticipation that the meeting will create, which will inevitably change the audience.

It is worth remembering that Spain’s match against France last Tuesday was a tremendous success. 71.7% screen share and 11,568,000 viewers It is in prime time on La 1. This makes us think that the next match may exceed these figures and once again shows how much interest football attracts in our country.

Therefore, only as reported Televisero and approved YotelTelecinco leaves as usual on Sunday nightAll Stars Survivors: Honduras Connection‘But as this environment has learned, It’s just a day change To avoid the conflict in question in the match between Spain and England.

Therefore, it is still unknown which night will be chosen for the broadcast of the program hosted by Sandra Barneda. Moreover, at the moment It is unknown what will replace the survival reality show.If there are no surprises, it can be expected that he will resort to the famous ‘5 Star Cinema’ that he has used more than once in these situations.

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