Victoria Bonya on twin births with Alex Smerfit: “I had a divine birth” 15:51

TV presenter Victoria Bonya spoke with millionaire Alex Smurfit about double births after rumours of her relationship with American supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. Her words were quoted in the new episode of the RUTUBE series “Evil Tongues” People talk.

“My husband was in my head the whole time. When he tried to go up to watch the process himself, the doctor put him back in his place. So if a man wants to be present during the birth, he should always be in the lead,” Bonya began.

She also stated that she had prepared for the birth in advance, so it was easy.

“I gave birth divinely. I began to read forums about who and how gives birth in three weeks, and came across a story where the narrator slept throughout the birth. Then I thought that it suited me. And I constantly fell asleep during childbirth – I programmed it for myself and I really liked it. As a result, I gave birth in 30 minutes without an epidural,” said the businesswoman.

Just yesterday, Victoria Bonya responded to rumors that her ex-boyfriend was in a relationship with an American supermodel. The day before, Alessandra Ambrosio was seen in a bikini filmed Victoria on holiday with ex-lover Boni. The model and businessman are holidaying together in Ibiza.

Victoria Bonya had been in a relationship with the son of Irish millionaire Michael Smurfit, whom she met in Monaco, for seven years. After three months of dating, the model confessed to Alex that she wanted a child. According to the blogger’s memoirs, the businessman evaluated the woman’s words appropriately and said that he was not against the child. In 2012, the couple had a daughter named Angelina.

On March 1, Victoria Bonya announced that she would not be able to come to Monaco for six months. As it turned out, the blogger’s residence permit expired in August 2023. The celebrity was supposed to re-register her documents in September, but was unable to do so due to eyelid surgery. On May 21, Bonya returned to Monaco. She complained about the dried-up garden in her apartment.

Previously Victoria Bonya Reacted to rumours about his ex-girlfriend’s affair with an American supermodel.

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