Emma Roberts makes her first public appearance with her boyfriend 16:24

Actress Emma Roberts has made her first public appearance with boyfriend Cody John. This was reported by Daily mail.

The couple arrived at Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The actress wore a black dress with sheer sleeves, while her boyfriend wore green pants and a blue shirt. Emma Roberts and Cody John made their first public appearance together.

Emma Roberts is in a relationship with Cody John. The couple’s love affair broke out in October 2022; the artists met through mutual friends. According to a source from the celebrity’s close circle, she was in no hurry to introduce her lover to her child, as she was not sure about the seriousness of their relationship.

Emma Roberts’ son is two years old; she gave birth to her first child from her colleague Garrett Hedlund, and in January 2022 it became known that the star broke up with the child’s father. According to sources, the artists broke up after a difficult period in their relationship. Garrett Hedlund and Emma Roberts tried to share parenting responsibilities, but did not pass all the tests. And after breaking up with her ex, the actress was arrested while intoxicated – she was detained for a minor offense, but the artist was given bail and then released.

Previously Emma Roberts starry in a backless dress.

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Source: Gazeta


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