The question that Adara Molinero refused to answer because of her relationship with Bosco: Who stopped the death of the impressive Sandra Barneda

Adara Molinero was the first to leave her adventure in Survivientes All Stars. The Madrid native joined the reality show The person who participated a year ago with fear, anguish, and reluctance to jump from the helicopter. In fact, the phenomenon suffered a nervous breakdown that prevented him from making the expected leap and thus starting his adventure.

The young woman, who managed to adapt to the dynamics of the competition, albeit with some problems, had an allergic reaction, which caused her to request expulsion after being nominated.

His life on the island of Adara has thus ended, but a big surprise awaits him when he returns to Spain and it is known that his mother Elena Rodríguez will pass through the altar with her partner Pedro Solá.

In addition to this emotional surprise, the impressive set was met with the inevitable question: With his relationship with Bosco Martínez Bordiú, Nephew of the famous Pocholo and winner of the last eidicón of the reality show, where he coincided with the phenomenon.

The bulk of the drama came after their time in Honduras; in the finale premiere, both admitted to each other amidst obvious banter, leaving the door open to a possible relationship by the end of the competition. After Survivors ended, the couple were seen sharing part of the summer together and making plans in Madrid. But their romance didn’t last long, and they eventually put their brief courtship on hold.

But the two met again in Honduras, and many questions about their brief but intense relationship have resurfaced. Bosco has not stopped repeating this He will be in love with Adara until he dies. The influencer appears to be worried about what her boyfriend might think about her deal with Bosco.

Now the young woman has returned to the set to attend Sunday’s premiere, where the Madrid woman was clearly uncomfortable when Sandra Barneda asked her about Pocholo’s niece.

The disturbing question

Bosco Martínez Bordiú cooked for his friends on the beach in Supervivientes All Stars, his first time doing so both on the show and in his new adventure in Honduras.

After seeing footage of Pocholo’s nephew having his first experience with food, Sandra Barneda asked Adara Molinero a question live from the set: “Has Bosco ever cooked for you? Does he usually do it?”

However, Adara answered very firmly, despite having a good relationship with her ex-lover in Honduras: “No, my partner usually cooks for me.” She explained the reason for her answer as follows: “I don’t want to make him feel bad, since it’s already a subject that makes me feel bad about my partner. I feel bad today and I keep remembering…” Although she made it clear that this was not an answer to the presenter’s question: “but I’m not saying that to you Sandra, I’m saying it with all due respect, it’s like that in general.”

“But is it okay to talk about Bosco?” Sandra Barneda was interested and the first person to be expelled from ‘Survivors All Stars’ was honest about the reasons for her decision: “No, he doesn’t have any problems, it’s more For me, it’s quite a long time to constantly remember a relationship that happened a year ago and I’m already with someone else.

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