Borodina’s stylist named a trend that “will make life much easier” 15:06

Stylist Aleko Nadiryan told Telegram channel about a trend that will “make life a lot easier.”

Nadiryan said that zodiac sign clothes are such a trend. He noted that thematic attributes can predict a person’s character.

“The print or themed decorations on a T-shirt will immediately tell you who we are dealing with: a strict virgin or an eternally optimistic Sagittarius,” the stylist shared.

It is known that Nadiryan is a friend and stylist of Ksenia Borodina. There were rumors that Aleko and the TV presenter had an affair, but Borodina denied it on social networks.

“All the men who are with me are not automatically my men,” Borodina said angrily.

Nadiryan also gave fashion tips for summer combinations. For example, a stylist clarifiedWhen choosing clothes for the beach, you should not forget a towel. That too It has been recommended Don’t be afraid to mix and match this summer; wear a hat for a chic look or a scarf for a sporty chic look. The stylist explained that hats are included in the list of essential accessories due to the strong sun.

Previously Borodina’s stylist chose the most stylish print for a white T-shirt.

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Source: Gazeta


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