Pletneva reveals how she lost weight after giving birth 14:26

Singer Anna Pletneva confessed in a conversation SoundShe said that she lost weight by exercising after giving birth.

Pletneva announced that her only sport is table tennis. According to the artist, she is very good at it and often beats her coach.

“So far in my life, not a single man has been able to beat me in this sport,” the singer said.

Pletnev in May acceptedforever banned her ex-husband from communicating with their daughter Varvara. She did not disclose the details of her separation from the man, but noted that she was living in hell with her child and receiving threats of physical harm.

Varvara was raised by the artist’s second husband, businessman Kirill Syrov. The girl left her father’s surname and took her stepfather’s surname. The eldest daughter of a celebrity lives and studies abroad. Pletneva said that Varvara wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood and is taking firm steps towards achieving her dream, which makes the whole family proud. Married to Syrov, Pletneva gave birth to a second daughter, Maria, in 2006, and a son, Kirill, in 2009.

Previously Pletneva answered who men do not cheat on.

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Source: Gazeta


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