Vera Brezhneva, 42, poses on a balcony in Paris 07/05/2024, 21:46

Singer Vera Brezhneva posted on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is recognized as an extremist in Russia and is banned) a rare photo from a vacation in Paris.

Vera Brezhneva, 42, posed in a black dress with an open back and sleeves. She left her hair loose and wore light nude make-up. The clash took place on the balcony of a house in central Paris.

Former lead singer of “VIA Gra” It has been said subscribers said that after “irregular eating” she managed to regain her figure. According to the singer, she “stress-ate” for almost a year, but then pulled herself together. The artist also admitted that after 40 years she accepts herself without any “embellishments”. Now she publishes photos without makeup and filters and is not afraid of criticism.

The artist is raising two children from different men: 23-year-old Sonya from businessman Vitaly Voichenko and 14-year-old Sarah from businessman Mikhail Kiperman. The eldest daughter of the artist bears the surname of her stepfather, who raised her, and not her biological father. The girl admitted on social networks that she was very much in love with Kiperman and did not change him even after her mother divorced him.

Previously Vera Brezhneva showed figure with rhinestone bra.

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Source: Gazeta


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