Cat at UK Prime Minister’s House relieves himself on Rishi Sunak’s shoe 13:54

Larry, the cat living in the residence of the British Prime Minister, wore Rishi Sunak’s shoes after the news of his resignation. This was reported on the cat’s official page on the X social network.

“I pooped in Sunak’s shoe for old times’ sake,” it was said.

Larry the cat is 16 years old and was adopted in 2011 during David Cameron’s prime ministry. Larry, the Downing Street cat, previously said on Twitter that King Charles III of Britain wanted him to be the country’s prime minister.

“The King asked me to be Prime Minister because this nonsense has been going on long enough,” the message said.

Larry the cat last September I wasn’t feeling well.The publication stressed that government officials are currently working on an emergency communications plan. The source of the publication claims that the cat is much loved not only in Downing Street but across the country. “Nobody wants to think about the worst but unfortunately we have to prepare for it,” he added.

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain was recorded Home Alone style video featuring Larry the Cat.

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Source: Gazeta


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