Tom Cruise’s former “Russian bride” shows off her body in lingerie 23:21

Tom Cruise’s former “Russian bride” model Elsira Khayrova posted a professional photo in lingerie on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is recognized as an extremist in Russia and is banned).

The model appeared in front of the camera wearing a black lace bra and high-waisted panties. She also styled herself with Hollywood curls, voluminous roots and light evening make-up with jet black wings. The shooting took place in a professional studio.

Tom Cruise in March Left with his lover Elsina Khairova because of her ex-husband, businessman Dmitry Tsvetkov. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dmitry Tsvetkov warned Cruise that his ex-wife loves the good life and that he should “keep her wallet wide open.” He said that during their 11-year marriage, he spent more than $ 12 million on clothes for his ex, and about $ 2.5 million on handbags, and lost about $ 200 million in the divorce.

Elsina Khayrova is the daughter of the famous Russian MP Rinat Khayrov and the ex-wife of a diamond businessman. Rumors that Tom Cruise had an affair with a Russian woman appeared in December last year. The actor and former model were photographed on a secret date in London. According to journalists, Tom Cruise met his new lover at a Sunday tea party held in his penthouse in Hyde Park.

Tom Cruise before filmed She went for a walk with her adopted son in the middle of a scandal with her daughter.

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Source: Gazeta


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