Regina Todorenko radically changed her image 14:10

TV presenter Regina Todorenko starred in a completely new image. She published a famous photo Telegram channel.

Regina Todorenko, 34, was photographed with black hair and a bob. The TV presenter wrote that she decided to change her image, but did not specify whether she cut and dyed her hair or wore a wig.

Regina Todorenko began her television career in 2007. The TV presenter became famous after participating in the travel show “Heads and Tails”. Todorenko also starred in the shows “Mask”, “Ice Age”, “Make-up Artists”, “Sugar”. In February, she It happened Presenter of “New Star Factory”.

Regina Todorenko in May starry in an outfit created by artificial intelligence. The TV presenter appeared in front of the camera in a white Sovereign Atelier maxi dress with long sleeves and a gold corset. It took more than 3 months to create the outfit. Designer Rabia Khalilly worked on it together with artificial intelligence. According to Todorenko, the idea for the dress was based on the “divine feminine principle.”

Previously 41-year-old Anna Sedokova starry leather bra.

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Source: Gazeta


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