Victoria Bonya reveals who really provides for her daughter 11:19

Model and TV presenter Victoria Bonya said: Telegram channelIn fact, she is the breadwinner for her daughter Angelina.

Victoria Bonya admitted that her ex-lover Alex Smurfit did not help her or their common daughter financially. The model recalled how at the beginning of the relationship she and the businessman paid half for an apartment in Monaco. Later, the entrepreneur wanted to cover the expenses himself, but this did not last long. According to the TV presenter, she and Smurfit also jointly paid for the hospital where their daughter was born.

After the separation, Victoria Bonya began to completely provide for Angelina.

“When we split up he had to pay for the apartment for three or six months but he didn’t and he even took the car. He doesn’t pay for anything, he doesn’t pay for any of the trips that Angelina and I take if we fly out, he doesn’t even pay for the taxi when we go horseback riding… Just so you understand, absolutely nothing,” the model said.

The TV presenter noted that she did not condemn her ex-lover for his position. At the same time, the celebrity admitted that she would not have done so if she were in the man’s place.

Victoria Bonya at the end of June It has been saidthat the heiress successfully passed the entrance exams to a private school in London. According to the model, Angelina will live on the territory of the educational institution and will be engaged in equestrian sports. The daughter of the TV presenter will begin training in September.

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Source: Gazeta


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