6 series you can’t miss this July

The return of three old acquaintances of the audience, ‘Cobra Kai’, ‘The Executive’ and ‘Elite’stands out among premieres broadcast platforms This July is a bit of a caffeine-free month for new series. They’re also ‘The Lady of the Lake’ and ‘Pelotaris 1926’.

Day 3. Movistar Plus+

A sequel to the successful ‘Bear’-style film that exploits tensions between kitchens. Eight months after her mentor Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) suffers a heart attack, chef Carly (Vinette Robinson) battles the kitchens to make a name for herself at a new restaurant in London’s upmarket Dalston: Point North.

5 days. Sky Show Time

Marc Cistare (‘Paco’s Men’, ‘The Boat’, ‘Vis a Vis’), three pelotaris women (two Spaniards and one Mexican) became elite athletes in the 1920s, at a time when women were relegated to society. They comment on these Claudia Salas, María de Nati and Zuria VegaTheir characters will have to overcome many prejudices.

Day 18. Netflix. Season 6 (first episode)

Sequel ‘karate boy’ It is coming to an end with the first episode of its final season (the second on November 28, and the third in 2025, when there will also be a new ‘Karate Kid’ movie). After Cobra Kai’s elimination from All Valley, the sensei and students must decide whether to compete in the Sekai Taikai, the world karate championship.

Day 19. AppleTV+

‘Thriller’ based on ‘best-selling’ novel Laura Lippman. When a girl’s disappearance rocks the city Baltimore Two women’s lives collide on Thanksgiving Day 1966. It’s about a Jewish housewife (Natalie Portman) trying to break free from her secret past and reinvent herself as an investigative journalist and a mother (Moses Ingram) A man trying to navigate the political doomsday of black Baltimore while struggling to support his family.

Day 19. Disney+. Season 3

The series that raises the suspicions of the former Argentine president returns as usual Elisha is determined Eager to improve himself: Now he wants to set up his own management company. But a surprise visit from his past and a state audit will complicate his plan. After getting rid of his previous rivals, he has to deal with his toughest opponent yet: National State of Argentina.

Day 26. Netflix. Season 8 (last)

One of the greatest international successes of Spanish literature is coming to an end. The most striking thing is the return of Nadia, one of the most dedicated students of Las Encinas (Al Hammani MineThe arrival of Emilia and Héctor Krawietz, the leaders of the alumni association, shakes the foundations of the school. Only Omar will be able to oppose them, as they represent what has always been wrong in Las Encinas. Between the signatures Mother Rot (‘Guilty Readers Club’) and Nuno Gallego (‘UPA Next’).

PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE IN HEAVEN. 1 day. Netflix. A television director and a former fighter pilot embark on a journey together to find new dreams.

OX. Day 1. AMC. A Danish special forces sergeant blames his commander for leaving them trapped during an ambush.

ALMOST DEAD. 3 days. Disney+. Season 2

LAW. 5 days. SkyShowtime. Season 23

GOVERNMENT. Day 5. Max. Season 4

CRIME IN HEAVEN. 7 days. Cosmos. Season 13

FIRE. Day 8. Movistar Plus+. A French football gala goes awry when a fight breaks out between a black player and a white manager. A media war led by two women ensues.

UNTIL I KILL YOU. Day 9. Of the movie. The true story of John Sweeney, who committed many crimes behind the back of his partner, with whom he lived for 3 years, until he was found with an ax in his hand, ready to kill himself.

SUNNY. 10 days. AppleTV+. The life of an American living in Kyoto, Japan, is turned upside down when her husband and son disappear in a mysterious plane crash. As consolation, they give Sunny one of the new home robots made by her husband’s electronics company.

UNDER THE BRIDGE: THE MURDER OF REENA VIRK. 10 days. Disney+. ‘Thriller’ is based on the true story of 14-year-old Reena Virk, who went to a party with her friends and never returned home.

FIRST TIME. Day 10. Netflix. Season 2

Vikings: VALHALLA. Day 11. Netflix. Season 3.

BARGAIN (BARGAIN). Day 11. Sky Show Time. Several men are lured to a remote hotel under the pretext of having sex, but they end up trapped in an organ trafficking ring.

CINDENTA CASE. Day 11. Sundance TV. Twelve people summoned to be part of a popular jury must decide the guilt or innocence of a father and daughter accused of murdering their partner.

SAUSAGE PARTY. FRUTOPIA. Day 11. Amazon Prime Video. Animation.

I. Day 12: Apple TV+. A 12-year-old boy discovers that he has super powers.

EXPLOSIVE CATS. Day 12. Animation. Netflix. Since the world is a disaster, they dethrone God and send him to Earth to live with a dysfunctional family that has been turned into cats.

ANGELA. Day 14. Atresplayer. A woman (Verónica Sánchez) tries to reveal the true face of an abusive and psychopathic husband (Daniel Grao).

SHETLAND. Day 16. The movie. After becoming a widow, an inspector returns to her hometown to unmask the many crimes that have been terrorizing the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

ALL AMERICAN: COMING HOME. Day 16. Max. Season 3

MONSTERS ARE AT WORK. Day 17. Disney+. Season 2

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. Day 17. Disney+. Season 5

CILKA. Day 18. Max. Season 3

MASTER OF THE HOUSE. Day 18. Netflix. When a prominent figure in the diamond industry dies mysteriously, a battle over his estate breaks out between his blood family and the employee he married.

YOUNG SHELDON. Day 18. Movistar Plus+. Season 7 (last)

UGLY BETTY, THE STORY CONTINUES. Day 19. Amazon Prime Video. The sequel of the Colombian soap opera ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’, 25 years later. A death at Ecomoda forces Betty to reunite with her former co-workers, as well as Armando, whom she broke up with. He also sees his daughter Mila again, who studied fashion in New York and returns eager to work in Hugo’s atelier.

MY SWEET HOME. Day 19. Season 3. Netflix. In a world where the monsterization has ended and a new era for humanity has begun, those caught between monsters and humans must make an even more difficult decision.

MONSTER. Day 23 Movie. Adapted from the youth novel by former Norwegian football player Michael Stilson, the film tells the story of a boy whose last opportunity to play top-level football is to secure a professional contract in five days.

HEROES OF THE TIME. Day 24. AppleTV+. The journey through time and space of a motley group of thieves and their new recruits: an 11-year-old boy with a history buff.

TRUST ME. 25 days. Max. Season 2

DECAMERON. 25 days. Netflix. The black comedy is loosely inspired by the 14th-century collection of stories of the same name. The year is 1348, the Black Death is ravaging the Italian countryside, and a group of aristocrats retire to a palatial villa with their servants, hoping that things will improve. What begins as a sexual orgy ending in wine turns into a race for survival.

THE PASSAGE OF SULLIVAN. Day 27. EnFamilia. A neurosurgeon returns to his childhood home in a small town on the coast of Nova Scotia, where he is forced to confront his past.

COLIN OF ACCOUNTS. 25 days. Movistar Plus+. Season 2

DRAGON PRINCE. Day 26. Netflix. Season 6. Animation.

HARRY IS WILD. Day 27. AMC+. third season

FUTURAMA. Day 29. Disney+. Season 12

BLUE. Day 31. Apple TV+. Inspired by the true story of Mexico’s first female police force.

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