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Where do pine nuts come from? Useful properties of pine nuts How to choose and store pine nuts How and with what to eat pine nuts: recipes

Where do pine nuts come from?

From a botanical perspective, although pine nuts have a hard shell, they are definitely not hazelnuts. Scientists simply call these seeds. And, as the name suggests, they are obtained not from cedar, but from Siberian pine (cedar).

Cone collectors, from whom the seeds are obtained, in the name this tree is a cedar or cedar (emphasis on the last syllable). You may also find the name “Siberian cedar,” but again, cedar is a different genus of coniferous plants.

Siberian pine grows in the Urals, Siberia, Transbaikalia and Primorye. Hazelnut harvest usually takes several weeks from mid-August to late September, depending on the season and region.

The only legal way to collect nuts is by shaking branches with hooks on long poles, one of the oldest methods. This way you can get the best cone. Particularly enterprising collectors are inventing “cedar shakers”: they take engines from lawn mowers and attach them to tree trunks so that pine cones fall from the vibration. But it is forbidden to do this – it causes too much damage to the tree.

Since cedar pines do not bear fruit every year, their nuts are quite expensive. Cones can be found at 20-100 rubles apiece, depending on size, nuts in shell – 1000-2000 rubles per kilogram.

Useful properties of pine nuts

Once upon a time, pine nuts were used as a remedy for literally all ailments: joint diseases, tuberculosis, scurvy, insomnia and wounds. Now there are modern medicines to treat all this, and pine seeds are nothing but a delicious and healthy plant food.

in pine nuts contains B vitamins, vitamins A, E, K and even C, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, zinc, copper, manganese and other nutrients. These substances have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels and the central nervous system.

Pine nuts well absorbedThey can be used by children and pregnant women. Moreover, such food can be given to children from a very early age, because pine pine seeds are softer than nuts. Additionally, their easily digestible protein makes them an excellent food for vegans.

Pine nuts can be eaten for dinner before going to bed: they contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted in the body into serotonin. helps It helps you fall asleep and provides a good mood. So, you can also eat pine nuts when you are sad.

However, this product, like others, should be consumed in moderation.

First of all, nuts contain plenty of fat and are high in calories. So people who are obese or dieting can eat very little of these, otherwise they risk gaining a few extra kilos. The standard recommended daily intake is no more than two tablespoons per day.

Secondly, by consuming too much pine nuts, you can overdo your body’s intake of copper and manganese, because they contain pine nuts. There are quite a few out there..

animal studies showedPine nuts may be useful for those who monitor blood cholesterol levels – pinolenic acid, which is part of their composition, can reduce “bad” cholesterol. However, the data is not yet so convincing that it is possible to replace drugs with pine seeds.

To eat dataEating pine nuts not only increases but also decreases slightly blood sugar levels – so it can be eaten by diabetics. However, so far positive results have been obtained either in vitro or in mice. quite modest. For this reason, people with diabetes should eat pine nuts carefully and keep their sugar levels under control. But in general, foods rich in unsaturated fats, including seeds, are really good for your blood sugar levels.

People suffering from cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia and gallstone formation should use pine nuts with caution – it is better to consult your doctor on this issue.

Since you may be allergic to this product, you should consume small amounts of pine nuts for the first time.

How to choose and store pine nuts

Of course, it is better to buy a fresh harvest; It comes in autumn. Shake the bag of shelled hazelnuts – if they rattle, they’re probably selling you last year’s hazelnuts.

The nut removed from the cones should not be dry, it should look slightly damp to the touch, but in no case should there be a smell of dampness or mold.

The shell of the hazelnuts should be elastic. If you buy hazelnuts in cones, you should choose large, oily ones. Cones can be stored in a dark, well-ventilated and not hot place for up to a year.

Nuts have a shelf life of only a few weeks. Contact with air spoils the taste of the product and the seeds smell, so be sure to taste it before purchasing. It is best to store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time. You can also freeze hazelnuts to extend their shelf life.

How and with what to eat pine nuts: recipes

Pine nuts are added to meat and fish, sprinkled on yogurt, cottage cheese, cereals and salads. Special ready-made seed mixtures for salads containing pine nuts are sold.

Interesting flavor combinations are obtained when added to desserts. Pine nut ice cream is delicious (but very high in calories). You can buy a ready-made product, or you can sprinkle it yourself on ice cream, cakes or other desserts.

Remember: roasted pine nuts do not crack easily; It is better to do this with pre-peeled seeds. And in any case, you should not break the shell with your teeth.

Beetroot salad with pine nuts

  1. Boil two medium-sized beets and grate them.
  2. Add a few grated cloves of garlic (to taste), vegetable oil, herbs and 100 grams of pine nuts.

Shrimp and pine nut salad

  1. Fry 500 grams of shrimp.
  2. Add to them chopped cherry tomatoes (250 g), lettuce, pine nuts (3 tablespoons).
  3. Season with olive oil and soy sauce.

Baked pears with pine nuts

  1. Cut the pears in half and remove the seedless part in the middle.
  2. Combine blue cheese, grated chocolate and pine nuts in a blender. Place this mixture into the cavities of the pears.
  3. Place in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour. You can pour some water into the bottom of the cooking pot beforehand.
  4. After removing the pears from the oven, pour honey, liquid chocolate or other ingredients on them.

Oil and pine nut appetizer

  1. Cut the champignons (250 g) and place them in a baking dish.
  2. Add vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), a mixture of dried Italian herbs (no more than 1 teaspoon), grated garlic (to taste).
  3. Bake for half an hour at 180 degrees.
  4. Lightly fry the pine nuts without oil for three minutes, mix with lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and lemon zest. Add this mixture to the champignons and sprinkle fresh herbs on the plate. The resulting appetizer pairs perfectly with white wine.

What are you thinking?

Pine nuts are good both on their own and as part of main dishes and desserts, thanks to their slightly sweet, delicate taste. They contain dozens of beneficial substances, including essential amino acids, vitamins and microelements, and the protein obtained from them is easily digestible. What other benefits of pine nuts, what you can cook with them, how to choose and store them and why they are not actually pine nuts or hazelnuts are discussed in the material from

Source: Gazeta


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