The designer talked about the things that should definitely not be in a modern kitchen 13:03

Outdated design of the 90s, violation of space ergonomics and a large number of stand-alone appliances – these are techniques that can destroy the interior of any kitchen. Ksenia Kuznetsova, designer and product director of the interior company Mr.Doors, told about this.

“It would be a mistake not to observe trends today, which will subsequently damage the entire design of the space and especially the kitchen. For this reason, I recommend avoiding the flashy fluorescent colors that were popular in the mid-90s and early 2000s. Your choice today should be natural, close to natural tones. Another important tip is not to use plastic or silicone panels with images of cities and plants as the back of the kitchen,” the expert began.

He also urged not to violate the ergonomics of the kitchen space.

“This is especially important for owners of studio flats and small apartments, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold. Do not forget about the need to have a work triangle that allows you to minimize movements in the kitchen while making the cooking process more comfortable. This also includes free space not used for its intended purpose. “When designing a kitchen set and the kitchen interior in general, I recommend ensuring maximum storage space to avoid visual noise afterwards,” he explained.

The designer also emphasized that the use of special sliding door systems, with which you can completely close the kitchen unit when not needed, has become very popular.

“Another important nuance when planning a kitchen is the placement of household appliances. For many years, washing machines, coffee machines, microwave ovens, etc. The placement of stand-alone devices such as has remained the norm. Today, leading furniture manufacturers are trying to equip kitchens with built-in appliances as much as possible and use them rationally. available images. At the same time, the equipment as a whole is supplemented with new functions and options that allow us to minimize its usability,” Kuznetsova concluded.

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