The jeweler announced which jewelry to choose for the prom 11:53

Jewelry plays an important role at the prom because it complements the outfit and makes it festive. Elena Rakutina, jewelry fashion expert at SOKOLOV holding, told what jewelry to choose for a celebration and what to pay attention to.

“This summer’s trend is jewelry made of colored stones in transparent pink, green and blue tones. “Attention should also be paid to accessories with mother-of-pearl pieces suitable for light clothes made of silk, cotton and linen,” the expert began.

As for the types of jewelry, fashionistas can safely choose long earrings, single earrings and complement the look with bracelets, miniature watches, necklaces and combine several items at once.

“The metal of the decoration has no meaning. “It is important that the color and texture are compatible with the outfit,” he said.

The expert advised choosing not only dresses for prom, but also formal trouser suits.

“Multilayer chains of different textures and sizes will go well with a trouser suit and a deep neckline,” added Elena Rakutina.

She also recommended decorating the outfit with a large brooch.

“If it is a formal suit, the brooch will become the main highlight of the image. “At the same time, the decoration can be very colorful, flashy and catchy,” he advised.

As for men, the stylist also advised combining suits for prom with jewelry.

“So men’s solid-shaped single earrings are still popular. More daring graduates can choose earrings with pendant elements. The variety of rings, which often have no inserts, is also important. They can also be darkened,” shared Elena Rakutina.

Finally, he noted the times. They can be both classic and sporty – it all depends on the style of the dress.

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Source: Gazeta


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