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Features of free dating sites

You can sign up for the vast majority of dating services using a phone number and start communicating for free. However, many sites greatly limit functionality for those who do not purchase a subscription.

For example, on some resources there is a limit on the number of messages, and in some places you cannot write to a person at all if he does not “like” it.

Pros of free dating sites:

  • There are a lot of users out there;
  • as a rule, you can communicate both from a computer and using a mobile application;
  • You can find your other half without paying a penny for the service.

Disadvantages of free dating sites:

  • limited functionality: you need money to remove restrictions;
  • the presence of fake accounts, bots and scammers;
  • pop-up ads and intrusive notifications.

Not all sites carefully monitor the presence of fake profiles and respond promptly to messages about scammers. However, if there are any problems with most services, you can contact support.

Interestingly, in the field of online dating dominate Men: They outnumber women (about 57% to 43%), especially in the 28-38 age group.

In general, the popularity of dating sites is only increasing: according data By 2023, more than 380 million men and women worldwide used dating services. Their number could rise to 452 million by 2028.

Free dating sites operating in Russia


The oldest and most popular dating site in Russia for residents of the CIS countries. It appeared in 2002. Registration is completely free, and according to the owners of the resource, even basic functions are enough to find a match.

You can purchase additional for money functions: VIP status, guaranteed (more frequent) viewing of the profile, promotion of the profile in the search and the opportunity to give gifts (compliment).

Mamba has branches including Dating@Mail.Ru. User profiles on these sites overlap, but the interface and functionality are the same. There is also a separate platform for international dating – Wamba.

VK Dating

A service that only VKontakte users can sign up for. It’s a bit like the old Tinder where you had to swipe (swipe) through profiles. Users with paid subscriptions will be able to return to missed profiles, put “super likes” and see who liked them.

Planet of Love

It is also one of the oldest sites in Runet and has been operating since 2005. Users can find a partner or friend even without registering. But to search using clearly defined parameters and use the mobile application, you will need to create a verified profile – fortunately, registration is free. There are also premium features for money that will help you increase your popularity.


Friendship community for events. It has been operating since 2021 and operates only in Moscow and St. It is available to residents of St. Petersburg.

You can get there for free, but I have to go psychological test. According to the creators, it reveals character traits, weeds out unbalanced people and shows what is worth working on. The site combines psychological portraits and gives advice on who you should pay attention to.

There you can communicate through a paid subscription or at events organized by the service itself.


This is a dating site for single parents. You can meet there for a serious relationship or just to get support from the same parents.

According to user reviews, the atmosphere there is quite good and there are no inadequate intimate offers, as on other sites. The site also has a wide range of free functionality, while paid services are considered optional (for example, the ability to send gifts).

This service does not have a mobile application. However, the site is made suitable for use on mobile browsers.


The site is “for rich guys and neat girls”. In short, dating is for women whose goal is to receive care. This service is free for girls, and for boys entry requires only money (this way they verify their solvency).

“We don’t charge the girls because they often have nothing to pay. “Creators didn’t come to our site for the good life,” he says.


A site where you can register quickly and free of charge without giving your phone number. However, if you have a paid premium account, you can start correspondence without mutual “likes”.

Users can take a free psychological compatibility test and use it to find a match. True, people often not happy This test is why they talk about “pumping out” money – it is difficult to communicate without paid services. But you can “accumulate” them by visiting the site every day.


A site and application with one of the most budget-friendly paid subscriptions, where you can view profiles and photos without registering. Something interesting: the service blocked the “copy/paste” function in messages to protect against spam.

dating apps


A dating service that actually copies the departed Tinder. It has its own test for compatibility with other people, which “determines character traits” and supposedly helps to find a suitable partner.


It’s an app for “shameless flirting,” as its creators describe it. This is not about a serious relationship, but about one or two night acquaintances or purely intimate meetings. Users describe their “seductresses” in surveys by optionally adding a photo or sending a personal message.

The application is free for girls; Men also need a subscription to use the service on the desktop version.


Application to organize a meeting. There is no “scrolling”, only “events”. You need to set a time and place for the date. From now on, requests will come from people who want to join you.

friend around you

Application to find friends. All you have to do is select a city or enable geolocation; Then profiles of nearby people will appear.


He chooses an interlocutor according to his musical tastes. It is only available to iOS users. Login to Tastebuds is through a Facebook account (owned by the company Meta, it is considered extremist and is prohibited in Russia). You can manually select artists into the poll or export them from Apple Music. The track they choose plays on the interlocutors’ profiles and you can start a conversation with a song.

VK and Telegram

These apps have dating bots – for example “Leonardo Divinchik”. There are also small users out there who perceive it as a chat roulette for instant communication.

How to choose a free dating site

  • Pay attention to how the site positions itself. You are unlikely to be looking for a serious relationship on Pure or bots. And if you just need to chat out of boredom, a bot is best suited.
  • Collect user feedback. Many people share their communication experiences with online dating services. You can also ask people you know what sites and apps they like and why.
  • The abundance of fake pages is a reason to change the service. If the site does not monitor bots, there is a high risk of encountering scammers. It would be better if it was a service that required mandatory registration and verification.

Communication rules on dating sites

  • Take your time to create a profile on a dating site (if it is not necessary) and buy a subscription. Test free features first; You may not like the interface of the site and application.
  • Don’t try to make serious plans right away. Just try to chat with people, feel the atmosphere and understand what the rules of the game are here. For many people, chatting on dating sites is just a part of life and not an attempt to find a real date. Even if you have a failed date, try not to be dramatic and give up on all men and women at once.
  • Follow basic safety rules. Do not reveal personal information or share intimate photos. Scammers and extortionists can use this information. Do not click on unknown links in messages, do not transfer money to the meeting point, even by taxi.
  • If it’s hard to trust and decide to meet, call via video conferencing before the date to make sure you’re communicating with a real person.
  • Avoid standard phrases in the survey: try to make some effort to interest the people around you. You can turn to artificial intelligence to create explanations. Check your spelling and punctuation. If you have a loved one who can evaluate your profile externally, ask them to do so.
  • Be sincere: Upload real photos, don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not. This will still become clear during communication. Try not to waste your own or others’ time. If you communicate online, this does not mean that your interlocutor does not need to be respected.

What are you thinking?

Despite the fact that the most popular Tinder and Badoo have left the Russian market, there are no fewer users on dating sites from Russia and CIS countries. People looking for a relationship have switched to other dating services available. What to do on dating sites, which ones are available for Russians in 2024 and whether free resources are good or not, in’s review.

Source: Gazeta


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