The surgeon explained which plastic surgeries are most often re-done 13:52

Denis Sergeev, a plastic surgeon and trichotransplantologist at the Damas Medical Center, told which operations are most often redone.

Sergeev said that liposuction often does not give the expected results. Irregularities, uneven lines and remaining fat “pockets” force patients to seek help again, according to the doctor. The expert noted that surgeons often warn about the possibility of correction after liposuction, since repeated interventions are required in 20-30% of operated patients.

Breast enlargement and reduction operations are among the frequently arranged operations.

“When installing implants, I always warn my patients that they will undergo a second operation – in good condition they will ask for a larger size, patients often ask for the removal of implants after 10-15 years due to the load on the back and back. other inconveniences and unpleasant situations – these are complications such as rupture or dislocation of implants (changes in position),” Sergeev said.

The doctor also explained that breast reduction may require repeated operations due to asymmetry and the presence of annoying scars.

The surgeon added blepharoplasty to the list of surgeries requiring improvement. Improperly removed skin or fat can lead to functional problems and distorted facial expressions, Sergeev said. The doctor stated that patients may experience permanent dryness of the eyes or difficulty closing their eyelids.

Sergeev said that lipofilling, the procedure of transplanting one’s own fatty tissue to improve the contours of the body and face, also has its own nuances.

“There are often problems with fat grafting, leading to the need for repeated procedures to achieve the desired result. There may also be uneven distribution of fat, which requires adjustment,” the surgeon said.

Sergeev listed the main reasons for repeated operations as the surgeon’s lack of experience, incorrect preoperative planning, non-compliance with recommendations during the rehabilitation period. However, in his opinion, the main problem remains the discrepancy between the patient’s expectations and the real possibilities of plastic surgery.

To avoid repeat surgery, Sergeev recommends discussing all possible risks and complications and following all doctor’s recommendations in the postoperative period.

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