Valya Carnival showed off her “naked” skirted figure 12:22

Blogger and singer Valya Carnival posed in a “naked” skirt. The celebrity posted photos on Instagram (the owner of the company Meta is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

22-year-old Valya Carnival was photographed in a white T-shirt with an inscription, which she complemented with black cycling shorts and a red transparent lace skirt. The blogger also added leather boots, a studded bag, several gold bangles, a necklace, and huge earrings to her look. The celebrity tied her hair into a stylish ponytail and wore make-up with black eyeliner and dark red lips.

Valya Carnival the other day sent Photos of him posing in a white T-shirt and pale blue jeans. The blogger also wore several rings and a black bracelet. She left her hair open and wore make-up with black arrows. However, fans paid attention not to the star’s appearance, but to the shape of her nose. According to some internet users, the girl underwent rhinoplasty surgery.

Valya Karnival rose to fame thanks to her humorous videos on TikTok. He started his music career in 2020 by recording the track “Psychushka”. In February 2022, she took part in the second season of the “Stars in Africa” ​​program, where she was a finalist.

Previously Borodina’s stylist in the name The carnival look is a tribute to Bianca’s style.

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Source: Gazeta


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