Borodina’s stylist calls the “nude” summer trend inspired by Emily Ratajkowski’s look 12:23

Russian celebrity stylist Aleko Nadiryan has called for a repeat of one of Emily Ratajkowski’s recent looks. He wrote this in his own book telegram channel and posted a collage with his photo.

“I think it is already clear to everyone that crochet knitting is the main trend of the summer. Yesterday, Emily Ratajkowski confirmed this with her knit suit look. “I was inspired by his image and prepared several sets for you in the #AlekoRecommends section,” Nadiryan wrote.

Recently Borodina’s stylist named The most stylish print of the white t-shirt for the summer season. Accordingly, you should choose cute prints.

Recently Aleko Nadiryan ridicule Expensive accessories of the Bottega Veneta brand. In the photos, the expert showed a hat with a duck and socks with snakes. According to the stylist, both wardrobe items together cost about 350 thousand rubles.

Previously Borodina’s stylist named The carnival look is a tribute to Bianca’s style.

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Source: Gazeta


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